Adjustable Anchors – Zinc plated, ½” cable

100% machined and assembled in the U.S.A.

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This female threaded fixed end anchor can be used at the terminal point of a barrier cable span. The internally threaded stem can be used for anchor location adjustment, or can be used to apply limited tension on the cable span. At only 1.5” in diameter, these anchors make barrier cable installations look sleek and less visually intrusive. The anchor includes a machined ¾” x 10 UNC internally female threaded stem that when used with all thread rod will fit into our EZPlace Cable Rail embedment, or other commonly available threaded anchor embeds.

Surface mounted barrier cable anchors can be used when through column anchorages are not possible, or not desired. Such as when through column stressing locations will be covered by walls or other obstructions that will prevent later access to the stressing anchors. Stressing cable runs from the structure interior is also safer and easier than stressing cables from the exterior using a high-lift or scaffolding. Anchors always remain accessible, which eliminates the need to remove concrete to expose anchor ends for maintenance or repair.

Key Benefits:

  • Safer than stressing cables from the structure exterior
  • Anchors are always accessible
  • Makes cable maintenance and replacement easier and cheaper
  • ¾” x 10 UNC internally threaded stem
  • Fully zinc coated for durability
  • Eases barrier cable installation


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