Flat Wedges

100% machined and assembled in the U.S.A.

Available Soon

These proprietary 5/8” wide flat wedges are for use only with our new Patent Pending troubleshooting anchors that are revolutionizing the repair of bundled tendons. These case-hardened wedges give a tenacious grip on the cable and have proven highly durable for repeated use. The anchor is available for use on only ½” cable.

Key Benefits:

  • Safer than using multiple single cable anchors
  • Compact size minimizes conflict with existing rebar and adjoining tendons
  • Remove less concrete for installation of the anchor
  • Improves efficiency and reduces cost
  • Compared to traditional round wedges, the flat wedges are easier to remove after tendon restressing
  • Durable case-hardened wedges can be reused repeatedly


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Shipping info:
Not available online, must email sales@pt-prod.com