EZPlace Cable Rail – High Impact – 6 degree ramps

100% machined and assembled in the U.S.A.

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The EZ Place Cable Rail is quick and easy to install and ensures that the barrier cable anchors will always be exactly where needed for precise cable alignment every time. The Cable Rail inserts are manufactured to fit all standard 3⁄4” x 10 UNC threaded barrier cable anchors. It’s named the EZPlace Cable Rail because it’s secured directly to the column form interior, instead of damaging the forms using through bolts. That means rented column forms can be returned without any damage.

Surface mounted barrier cable anchors can be used when through column anchorages are not possible, or not desired. Such as when through column stressing locations will be covered by walls or other obstructions that will prevent later access to the stressing anchors. Stressing cable runs from the structure interior is also safer and easier than stressing cables from the exterior using a high-lift or scaMolding. Anchors always remain accessible, which eliminates the need to remove concrete to expose anchor ends for maintenance or repair.

The EZ Place Cable Rail has been engineered and ultimate tensile tested in an 18” x 20” reinforced concrete column per ASTM E488 to provide a more than 50 kip capability needed for a 3 vehicular cable installation. Signed and sealed engineering report is available.

Another unique feature of the EZ Place Cable Rail is that the threaded inserts have been machined with a vent that permits full length zinc coating of interior, guaranteeing that the
insert threads won’t rust.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced labor cost to install
  • comLess damage to the column forms
  • comEnsures precise cable alignment for building code compliance
  • comSafer than stressing cables from the structure exterior
  • comEngineered and tested in concrete for more than a 50 kip ultimate tensile strength
  • com3⁄4” x 10 UNC internal threading fits standard barrier cable anchors
  • comFully zinc coated inside and out for durability
  • comAvailable in 90 degree configuration for flat runs and 6 degrees for typical ramps
  • comReduced risk of movement during concrete placement
  • comReduced risk of having to chip concrete columns looking for “lost” anchor embeds
  • comProvided with caps to help keep concrete slurry from filing the threaded inserts


Standard Packaging: 1 each

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